– What is your name –

“Nicoline Aagesen”

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This March we are hosting an ARTIST TAKEOVER on our website and social media platforms to showcase the mad love we have for the powerhouse of sexual wildness that is photographer Nicoline Aagesen.

Expect unruly shots, raw amounts of lusty bods, no photoshopping and serious amounts of sexually charged imagery! 

This month is not for the timid or shy – it’s about embracing that inner curiosity and breaking a few rules while your at it.

We talked to Nicoline about her muses, her process and her reckless ways – read more to find out just who Nicoline Aagesen is…

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– What does it mean to you to be an ‘Artist’? 

“To have the freedom to be able to create whatever is in my crazy mind at any given moment.”

– Where does art stop and life begin? For you do they have boundaries or do they mix? –

“No boundaries, its all in the mix baby. Life is an art form.”

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– You’re a model turned photographer – what made you switch – or do you play for both sides still? –

“Ha ha, I still play on both sides, but prefer being behind the camera now, it’s all about getting my visions to come alive…

But sometimes I still love to bust a pose or two in front of the camera.”

Nicoline Aagesen X RAVEN + ROSE_2

– Tell us about your muse –

“I have many more than just one.

There are so many interesting and beautiful people who inspire me daily.

One of my first muses is my best friend and lady-love Eva Gii.  She is beautiful inside out and it really shines through in my photos. 

Jhonnes Mattos was my first male muse, and he completely blew my mind, his vision of life is absolutely fascinating, and the way he moves makes me shiver. 

Isabel Guyt is also one to add to my lady-love story.  She is breathtaking beautiful and I cant stop shooting her whenever she is near me. 

I recently fell in love with two red devils, Jeb Shorten and Edwina Preston who I shot not to long ago and love all the pictures. 

I went to the jungle to look for monkey boys and found Tarzan instead aka. Christian Navarro Pujades who also really inspired me. And a few more to add to my lady-love list is: Helena Chan, Alexandra Simpson, Yana Vilkina, Eve Smith, Alana Tsui & Ekaterina Bogaevskaya…”

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Nicoline Aagesen X RAVEN + ROSE_11

– What makes you feel sexy? –

“Well Raven + Rose –  when you put it on it’s like releasing a tiger in the zoo.”

– Your shots are wild, super sexually charged and almost candid in style – tell us about your work and how you work – 

“Ha ha well a cocktail never hurt anybody…

I love to catch peoples’ personalities, especially the side I can bring out of them, which is filled with love, freedom, passion and liberty.

My shoots are not all super planned, if the moment and inspiration is there I would shoot right there and right then. Most of the models I shoot are my friends, so they already know what they are getting themselves into, and I’m pretty sure everybody is having a blast. I know I can’t complain, I simply just love my life.”

Nicoline Aagesen X RAVEN + ROSE_3

Nicoline Aagesen X RAVEN + ROSE_1

– You’ve broken many rules, tell us a few of your favourite rules to break –

“Jesus, this is a loaded question…

I wouldn’t really know where to begin on this one…

Ha ha in my personal life I might get into trouble, so let’s keep it simple – For my photography I love to provoke, I love to keep the mistakes in photos and I never touch photoshop.

What you see it what you get, which is rare to find in our society now.

But as for breaking rules, when you get to know me better you might wanna break a few rules with me too!”


Want a piece of Nicoline’s sexual freedom + rule breaking visuals, embrace your vioyeristic side and purchase one of her LIMITED EDITION prints featuring RAVEN + ROSE.

No sneak peeks though!  You’ll have to wait for the exhibition (RSVP HERE) to see and prints and purchase!

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