Petite in form but seriously fierce in nature, AKIKO is an inked goddesses who seems to contradict herself in all the right ways…

She is wild in antics but driven in her professional creativity, as displayed by the clear success she has in her directive role at ‘Print House’.  She is soft of presence but given the right excuse and she’ll own the table top at any bar!

She brings together the dynamic facets of femininity into harmonious balance and is both a perfect compliment and a beautiful contradiction.

With a body that echo’s the heritage of the Japanese, AKIKO is far slimmer than your average girl, wonderfully proportioned and not one to let her petiteness define how others measure her capabilities.  She exudes a stature that is much larger than her natural measurements and OWNS her sexuality with boldness!

 It is because of this ownership she is a muse this season for RAVEN + ROSE.

INSTA: @akik0sakai

SEASON'Hoyden's Choice'