ELLEN is a body-centric babe that has won global titles for her body-building achievements, she has performed as a professional dancer on some of the most acclaimed stages and – on the other end of the lime-light spectrum – she actively centres and grounds herself through the art of practicing yoga.

ELLEN is female who is no stranger to her body; Its strengths, its capabilities,  its power to inspire, entertain or still a crowd.  She is indisputably in control of the way people perceive her via her body and movements.  She understands how to shape and manipulate this to her advantage and use her sexuality in a variety of ways and in vast situations.

We adore her self-expression as much as her self-awareness and self-control.  She OWNS her sexuality via not limiting the way it is expressed.

It is because of this ownership she is a muse this season for RAVEN + ROSE.

INSTA: @ellencostacom