Romantically driven in aesthetics, Product Stylist, EMMA LAUREN is perfection in pink and as femininely ideal as one stereotypically gets.

With her long blonde hair, perky bust, flowing apparel and fluttery eyelashes she is a figure that romance novels idealise, that men can’t help but to react too and who females melt for due to her just so likeable persona.  Her beautiful array of womanly characteristics are however, laced with a quick wit and a quirky outlook that are never without an appropriate giggle to end her perfect quips.

It is this intellectual laugh and the ability to be blonde, beautiful and blushingly brash, that has her on our thoughts!

She OWNS her romantically inclined femininity with a daringness, a light heartedness and a strong sense of self-sexiness.  It is because of this divine combination that EMMA LAUREN is a muse this season for RAVEN + ROSE.

INSTA: @Emma_Lauren

MUSEEmma Lauren
SEASON'They Don't Love You Like I Love You'