KESHIA HANNAM’s child-like face, with its moon-gazing eyes and perfectly pinchable cheeks suggest a playfulness that is all too true of this young maverick of a woman.

She is a leading visionary of thought and wields an impish recklessness.  She embodies a Bohemian nature in an age where imaginations are evaporating under the quick-flick entertainment of Social Media.   KESHIA embraces her old-soul/young-faced contradiction and uses it to exert a character full of confidence and layered with sexual cheekiness.

Impulsive, fearless and gutsy in her sexual expression, KESHIA is a pioneer of individualism and OWNS her sexuality.

 It is because of this ownership she is a muse this season for RAVEN + ROSE.

INSTA: @keshiahannam

MUSEKeshia Hannam
SEASON'Hoydens Choice'