This girls got grit… or should we say GRIP!? Let’s just say both!

As a leader in fitness and instruction, an internationally acclaimed pole dancer and athlete with a fierce amount of sexual command, TESSA YUNG represents the physical strength of femininity!

With a body that bends and extends, she effortlessly goes beyond (media expected) perfection.  Muscles bulge, angles distort – and through this she takes her body beyond the traditional model stance where perfection is often measured in elegant lines.  She gives us that raw, fiery frame that oozes sex appeal because of its power and control.

Tessa defies the traditional, embraces her body, defines athleticism and OWNS her sexuality.

This is why she is a muse this season for RAVEN + ROSE.

INSTA: @tessayung






PhotographerSever Mican
MuseTessa Yeung
Season'They Don't Love You Like I Love You'