ZHANG BING (ICE) is a mixed bag of lollies – and her bag just happens to be fashioned out of leather straps that winks at bondage, paying homage to a darker type of sexuality where the norm is everything but the expected!

She is sickly sweet by nature and will ruin you over time with each delectable lick – as is true of all candy!

Designer of the label Dynasti, ZHANG BING’s work is reminiscent of her Chinese background & displays her ethnicity in a fiercely sexual manner.

She is not shy of her background, her sexual preferences or her public display of these two combined.

She OWNS her sexuality!

It is because of this ownership she is a muse this season for RAVEN + ROSE.

INSTA: @zhangbing__

MUSEZhang Bing (Ice)
SEASON'They Don't Love You Like I Love You'