– What are your names – “Jan and Alexis”  – What did you think of Alexis when you first met him? – “I liked the way he smelt.  He was wearing a scent he made by himself at ‘SquareStreet’! Wow – Genius, I thought!“ – What did you think of Jan when you first met her? – “Jan […]

Artist Collab: BLACKOUT

Rob Kelly. He’s the inked artist behind the BLACKOUT X RAVEN + ROSE creative collaboration – a partnership that celebrates the artistry that is inking. The Hong Kong born, bred and based tattoo artist etched for us an exclusive design that adds a severe amount of edgy flavour to our Asia lingerie launch.  Printed onto […]


  – What is your name – “Amanda Kho” – Describe yourself and what you do – “I’m a photographer by trade. Overall, mellow, though I have a lot of energy to expel. [I don’t fit] the social stereotypes of how moms are supposed to look and live.  They seem pretty out-dated… But I probably have […]