Pastel hued babe, Lauren Engël embraces modern feminism in the raw way that so many of her gen do – void of perfected and expected modelesque proportions and in aid of immense amounts of sexual confidence.

It’s because of this that Photographer and Instagram-Influencer (check out her hot instafeed: @Engelauren), is one of our fav #RavenRoseMUSE’s!

So much so, that this season, we decided to collaborate with her to launch our 90’s influenced CHOKER line “We Don’t Get Out Of Bed For…”

The four piece mini-collection is an ode to the Hotties of the 90’s – KATE, CINDY, NAOMI, LINDA – as well as a stylish accompany to the way in which our RAVEN + ROSE girls wink at soft bondage and showcase their sexuality in a way that is both raw and real.

Lauren Engël embodies ALL of this in her approach to Fashion – she encompasses being a modern fem and highlights it for others to see.

Lauren’s work has been published in Vogue France, GQ France, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, C-Heads Magazine, Hypebeast, and Highsnobiety, to name a few.  She photographs and interviews for C-Heads Magazine (click HERE to check out our chokers in C-Heads!) where she has featured JoJo, Flume, A-Trak, G-Easy, Klingande, Alison Wonderland, Yung Lean, Skrillex’s Mija, Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre…

The list is as impressive as she in in person.

We love her!

Check out our RAVEN + ROSE X Lauren Engël collaboration HERE.

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_8

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_1

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_5

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_12

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_22

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_21

Lauren Engël X RAVEN + ROSE_24


PHOTO CREDIT: Mherck Dela Cruz

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