RAVEN + ROSE is for those who flirt with what it is to be predictable.  People who prefer chunky boots over high heels; silver studs over diamonds, soft-bondage over soft-lace; and bed-hair over perfect curls. Those that loiter on the edge of classic femininity. They embrace minimalism through simplistic lines and androgynous fashion.


Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith established RAVEN + ROSE to represent edgy bodies in a way that still promotes their sensuality – without having to resort to push up bras or padding. She believes in the female form. She believes that its natural curves should be embellished as apposed to re-shaped into something that fits the stereotypical mold of what it means to be sexy.

From New Zealand to Hong Kong and currently living in Australia, Jasmine draws on the aesthetics from her homeland – its dark and modest view on fashion – as well as her current experience with densely city orientated and Asian surroundings to complete what is a lingerie range that compliments the provocatively and non-conventional sexiness of modern day women. Jasmine has come to recognise that there are always those that flirt on the outskirts of what is mainstream and it is these people that her lingerie caters for.

RAVEN + ROSE celebrates edgy comforts. It symbolises both the dark intellectual side of femininity as well as its blooming and sensual nature; it brings together these two dynamic facets of femininity into harmonious balance. RAVEN + ROSE is both a perfect compliment and a beautiful contradiction.

Follow JASMINE SMITH on Instagram: @jasmine.x.smith

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